When you think of signage, no doubt perspex springs to mind. Perspex is a high quality form of acrylic that's incredibly versatile, durable and economical. Perspex signs are installed in shops, lobbies and offices, and as architectural and directional signs the world over.

The most significant advantage that perspex has over other signage materials is its incredible resilience. Perspex signs are suitable for even the toughest environments, thanks to their ability to withstand cold, heat, rain and pressure. In fact, coloured perspex will survive decades, even when used in outdoor installations.

Perspex signs can also be manufactured from UV-resistant acrylic. This form of perspex effectively blocks ultraviolet rays while preserving its transparency - so much so that perspex is employed to protect valuable works of art in many of the world's top galleries.

Perspex withstands impact far better than glass and many other forms of plastic. Perspex acrylic signs can be flame treated, rendering a slick, glassy appearance with perfect transparency and a far greater ability to withstand impact than glass. In fact, some types of acrylic are even bullet proof and, in the event of an accident that causes perspex to shatter, the pieces that are formed are blunt and harmless. Perspex is also light and flexible - weighing in at around half the weight of glass - so that even large signs can support their own weight without a supporting frame.

Perspex gives rise to a range of innovative sign applications, thanks to its incredible versatility. Perspex acrylic can be tinted in a wide range of colours and varying transparencies, and it can be laser cut, routed, bent, machined and engraved. When used to create three dimensional objects, it's even possible to seal perspex seams, rendering them airtight. Because perspex signs can be customised to your requirements, no matter how unique your business or how bold your signage dreams, perspex can deliver.

Another reason that more and more businesses are opting to create their signs from perspex is its environmental impact. Although perspex was invented during the 1930's, it is 100% recyclable via your ordinary recycle bin.

Despite the significant advantages that perspex signs offer over other forms of signage, perspex is also more economical than many materials, including many other types of plastic. From simple to extravagant, dazzling to professionally understated, perspex signs are equipped to communicate your brand.

So, should you choose perspex for your next project? All signs point to yes.