If you are planning on upgrading your commercial or community field by building a football pitch, you should be cautious when choosing your goal posts. The goal posts will be the defining elements of the new recreational setup. Therefore, if the posts are not suitable for the intended application, you could end up with unexpected delays and other inconveniences. Moreover, poor quality goal posts will fail prematurely, necessitating expensive repairs and replacement. Under ideal circumstances, you should order your goal posts from an experienced metal fabricator. However, you can also purchase high-quality posts from a specialty dealer. Regardless of your choice, you should consider using the tips below for a successful order.

Select the Correct Metal

You should choose the right material for your football posts. The correct choice for your field will depend on various factors, including environment, budget, potential users and preferences. Steel posts are perfect if you are looking to build a permanent pitch on your property. The material is strong and heavy, and it can withstand harsh mechanical stresses. However, you should remember that this material can rust. Therefore, it might not be a suitable choice for unfriendly environments such as coastal areas. Aluminium is an ideal alternative for use in areas where corrosion is a major threat. While the metal is not as resilient as steel, it has an advantage when portability is necessary.

Consider the Sizing Needs

You should select the correct goal post size or length for your applications. Naturally, the most suitable choice will depend on the age of the potential users of the field. It is advisable to check the recommended goal post heights for Australian football before making your order. If the field will be used by children, you should look for smaller goalposts which will provide a significant challenge without being overwhelming. If the pitch is intended for adults or aspiring professionals, you will need to adhere to the same goal post sizing standards imposed by official competitions.

Think about Finishes

Finally, you should choose the right finish for your metal posts before completing your order. The finishing will depend on your preferences in relation to aesthetics and the level of protection that you would like to achieve. Paint is an ideal choice because it is inexpensive, and there are numerous colour options. Unfortunately, the coating is not highly durable under heavy usage. You should also inquire about powder-coated posts. This type of finish is expensive, but you will enjoy longer service without the need for retouching.

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