You're probably used to seeing most surfaces in homes and other buildings being painted with wet paint. While paint is a common choice for walls, fixtures and furniture, most metal surfaces used in industrial, commercial and residential applications are more suited for powder coating.

Powder coating provides a more efficient, durable and cost-effective method for coating metallic surfaces. Here are several reasons why it is a better option than wet paint.


Powder coating is a durable technique for coating metal surfaces. In most cases, powder coated surfaces are more resistant to scratching, fading and chipping.

As opposed to wet paint surfaces that need to be specifically cared for when the paint is applied, powder coating is a quick and efficient process that provides an instantly durable coating in a relatively short time. Powder coating is applied in an electrostatic manner that keeps all particles of the coating tight together.

More cost effective

Applying a powder coating is often more cost-effective than applying wet paint over the same area. Wet paint often needs to be applied by individuals, which takes longer and results in the usage of more material. When you apply paint on a brush, only about 35% of the paint actually ends up on the intended surface. This is due to factors such as evaporation, wind and contamination.

On the other hand, powder coating is more efficient to apply. Most of the product ends up coating the surface because of the strong electrostatic forces between them. This results in less wastage and lower material costs.

Wide variety of applications

While wet paint has only limited applications, powder coating is used in many different products. Appliances such as fridges, microwaves and dishwashers are normally powder coated to protect the outer metal surface and to add colour/style.

Powder coating is also regularly used to paint cars. Buildings with metal components, such as window frames, doors and other features, are also powder coated for appearance and functionality.

Environmentally friendly

Powder coating does not contain potentially harmful substances such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and solvents. This means that they are safer to use for the environment and are a sustainable option.

Wet paint often contains chemicals or VOCs that can affect people when they inhale them. As a result, most painted surfaces need to be secluded for some time to protect against fumes and the freshly painted surface itself. Powder coating is safer to apply and is simpler to dispose in landfills.