What is it?

Pressure pipe is a pipe carrying air, water or other fluids under great pressure.

How is pressure pipe made?

Pressure pipes are made from PVC resin. This resin is compounded with lubricants, pigments, and stabilisers. Some may or may not contain any plasticisers. The ones that do not contain plasticisers are known as unplasticised pressure pipes.

Benefits of pressure pipes


Despite the amount of pressure these kinds of pipes have to handle, they are very light in weight as compared to their counterparts like the steel pipes. This means it is easy to transport and install, which reduces the cost of labour and transportation. There is very low risk of accidents during installation of these pipes.

Corrosion resistant

These pipes are very resistant to chemicals, water and any other type of effluent that may be found in sewage water.

Fire resistance

Most pressure pipes are made in such a way that it is very difficult to catch fire. They will not continue to burn in the case where an external ignition source is absent. For most of them, the ignition point is usually about 450 degrees Celsius.

Safe materials

They are made of safe materials that pose no health hazard to the environment. Most pressure pipes are made from the world's most researched plastic and as such health hazards have been eliminated in its production.

Joint tightness

Pressure pipes have very water tight joints. This is important because of the high pressure of water they carry. Their joints are deeply inserted and cemented together. Lately, the pressure pipe industry has come up with technology to build pipes with joints suitable for where there might be contamination or where there are no trenches. These are the fusion joints.


Pressure pipes come in lengths of not less than 6cm and can be made to be even longer upon request. This is an advantage as fewer joints will be required as opposed to the other type of pipes.

Reduced friction

Pressure pipes are made in such a way that they have smooth walls that allow water to run smoothly and with very little resistance. For this reason, slime buildup is reduced in the sewers and eliminates encrustation in water distribution mains.

Versatile designs

The material used to make most pressure pipes allow for diversity in designs. Consequently, you will find a design for your different piping needs. It is, in fact, its versatility that gives it an upper hand in the market.