Many companies and private individuals use oil for all sorts of applications and it is one of the most varied and useful materials on earth. However, after it has been used, oil is very hard to dispose of and is largely useless to people without specific equipment. Oil must be disposed of properly and large fines can be doled out to companies who are disposing of oil improperly. Luckily, there are many businesses that have started to deal with waste oil disposal and they have solutions are simple to use.

Proper Waste Oil Disposal

Proper waste oil disposal could not be easier in today's day and age. After you use oil (whichever type of oil) you should repackage it in some sort of container. Often people use the same containers the oil came in but if that is not possible there are a variety of quite cheap containers you can purchase. Then, when you have a large enough amount that warrants a collection simply organise a local pick up with your nearby waste oil disposal company. They will come and take the oil off your hands and in some cases even pay you.

What Types of Oil Do Waste Oil Disposal Companies Take?

This is probably the number one question when it comes to waste oil disposal and for good reason. There are many varieties of oil used across the world and you want to be sure you don't organise a waste oil disposal pickup only to find out they can't accept your load. Here is a quick list of oil that is acceptable:

  • Cooking oil (from grease traps as well)
  • Motor oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Capacitor oil
  • Almost all construction and industrial oils

If you are worried about your specific type of oil all it takes is one phone call to clear it up. If your waste oil disposal contractor can't take it, then they will know how you can get rid of it properly.

Waste Oil Recycling 

Depending on which waste oil contractor you use, they may in fact use a recycling method to make your oil useful again. This waste oil recycling is great for the environment because it reduces the amount of oil needed to be drained from the earth. It also stops waste oil from ending up in the environment after it is used. If you can find a waste oil recycling contractor you should definitely preference them over others but they take a smaller range of oil so be wary of that.