One of the most problematic issues which affect business buildings is graffiti tagging. The nature of the art is complex, which is why you might leave your premises clean and well-painted, only to find one of the walls with a massive tag the next morning. The first rule in dealing with graffiti is removing it as soon as it occurs. Leaving graffiti on the walls for a long time sends the wrong message to your clients and consumers, and also makes it harder to remove. Here are three basic things you should know about graffiti removal, and the most effective methods of graffiti removal on different surfaces.

Removing Graffiti on Wooden Surfaces

How easy it will be to remove graffiti from a wooden surface depends on the condition of the surface. If the wooden surface is not withered and is still covered with paint or sealer, you can simply wipe the graffiti off using a mineral spirit. On the other hand, if the surface of the wood is withered in any way, do not try to use any of these methods because the paint will be absorbed deeper into the wood. Instead, ask the removal company if they can perform power-washing, as it will comfortably strip all the wood off the surface.

Graffiti and Plastic Surfaces

The other common surface where you will find graffiti are plastic surfaces. One simple and effective chemical in removing paint from plastic surfaces is using oil thinner. You cannot use paint thinner on plastic because instead of cleaning the paint off the surface, it creates blurriness. Bronze and steel wool removers can do a better job of removing the paint than thinners, and if they do not work, it is best to paint over the surface.

Removing Graffiti on Stone

The most common type of graffiti is found on concrete surfaces. If the surface is painted or finished in another way, it will be easy to use a pressure washer to remove the graffiti. You can also use sandblasting to strip graffiti of stone surfaces. If the removal is handled by a professional, it will not be hard for the paint to come off. 

Taggers also target metallic surfaces a lot when doing their tagging. To handle this, you can use paint thinner or penetrating oil. As long as the assessment and removal of the graffiti is carried out by a professional, you can be assured that you will have a clean surface by the end of the process. 

To learn more about graffiti removal, reach out to cleaning specialists near you.